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Update On Life Here

I’m going to do my best to give everyone an update on life here, in our little corner of the world.Things aren’t bad, though they could always be better.

Jenna has been struggling and she is still in the children’s psychiatric center. She’s in the adolescent area because of her age, but not getting along well with anyone in that group because of her delays. I get calls every so often that she has had to be restrained, medicated, etc because of fighting, attacking, and whatnot. I’ve done the necessary paperwork in order for her to be placed in a residential facility and we are really hoping that we’ve made the right decision regarding this. So far I have seen no real help from the people that are supposed to be the professionals in this area.

The same goes for her outpatient psychiatrist and psychologist. I have absolutely no faith in those people. They did nothing for me as a child and as far as I can tell so far, they have done nothing for Jenna or us since she started seeing them when she was around eight or nine years old. However, in order to make those in charge in the society we live in happy, we had to have her see them regularly.

We are doing our best to visit Jenna whenever we possibly can. That hasn’t been easy with everything else that we have going on in our lives. We have other kids that participate in sports and an older daughter that is a Senior and doing a lot of the things that she has always done for the very last time. We try not to miss anything. We love all of our children and do our very best to make all of them feel loved and needed.

However, there are those nasty people that will always try to take others down with them. They are never truly happy and can’t stand it when anyone else is. My husband knows how to ignore this stuff, but I just can’t figure out how to do it yet. Unfortunately, this stuff really bugs me and even keeps me awake at night wondering if I truly am doing the best that I can for everyone involved. I know in my heart that I am, but that doesn’t stop the doubt from sometimes creeping in, especially when someone tries throwing all of my shortcomings in my face.

Anyways, we are doing our best day by day and waiting for the next step in our journey. It’s not easy, but I guess if we wanted easy we wouldn’t have had eight children between the two of us.

I hope everyone else is doing well.  I think we are the best that we can be, all things considered. Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Update On Life Here

  1. danylancaster

    I go all the way with Bonnie. No book will teach us to live the right way. The pieces of advice we get from relatives, friends, teachers aren't the clear cut rules to live by.
    Dany http://essaydune.com/ critic.

  2. Bonnie Burnatowski

    There's no book on how to live life and do everything right. You can only follow your instincts, which sounds like what you are doing. The other thing I've learned is that unhappy people will do their best to make everyone else around them suffer the same fate. Don't buy into it. There is no pleasing people like that and it will only drag you down. Smile and ignore them.

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