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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today was laundry day again…. lots of laundry to be done when you have 9 people that need clean clothes.  Normally my husband, Ron, does our laundry, his mom’s, and Laurie’s and Luke’s and the rest of the kids each do their own, except Jade does Jenna’s.  But our washer is broken right now so I’ve been toting it off to the laundromat.  There’s always someone interesting there too, and by interesting I mean strange-looking.  But anyhow, laundry and a quick store trip got done.  …Continue reading

Whew!  What a time we had camping, once we finally got there…. I don’t recommend taking six excited children on a 3-hour, cramped car ride- ever, for any reason.  We had a btent.jpglast while we were there though.  The first day included: setting up camp, playing on the playground at the campgrounds, walking around to check out the swimming, fishing, and bathroom areas, and a Kid Rock concert at Six Flags Theme Park… the littlest two children luckily fell asleep in the car on the way back to the campsite, so I got to tuck them into their blankets in the tent and just relax for a little while by the campfire.  Continue reading