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I feel torn… Phoenix feels so much like home and I love so many of our neighbors and so many people here… but… but… this county is corrupt. This town is corrupt. And this school district does not like me because of the illegal time out room thing with the BOCES. They finally got their way with my daughter and they are going to make sure as long as we live here that Continue reading

Admitted to the Psych Ward

So, this is it folks.  I normally don’t share very private feelings or goings-on about myself or my family because it’s just not me.  I consider myself to be quite a strong person emotionally, and I think those who really know me would agree with this.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate those people that feel things differently or show their emotions differently than I do.  In fact, my own 13-year-old daughter is a very emotional young lady and …Continue reading

Anthology Open Call

That’s right… this is Anthology Open Call- Looking For Submissions.  I’m looking to put together a collection of stories.  All profits would be donated to the Oswego County Children’s Advocacy Center, a place that helps abused children and gets all of their funding from donations and fundraising alone.  For this anthology I am looking for children’s …Continue reading

I'm Back!

I’m sure you were all waiting eagerly to hear from me again since I have been gone a while… well, I’m back!

Since I have been away my motherboard on my laptop fried, I lost my new cell phone, we went to the New York State Fair (which is where I lost my phone), my littlest son Luke got sick …Continue reading

Tuesday's Tales

Tuesday is almost over for our household…. whew!

Woke up and got the munchkins and myself ready for Jenna’s appointment with her psychologist, which included instructing Jenna on how to take a shower for the millionth time, ate half of my breakfast quickly, and out the door we went.  After I finally convinced my 3-year-old, Laurie, to clean up the mess her and her little brother made of the office, we headed for home.  …Continue reading