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My Site Hosted Chat Room

Did you know that my site has a private chat room? It is not made to host a lot of people at one time, just a few while they chat and sometimes work together. I really like my chat because I know nothing is logged on some odd chat host. I can get to know or work closely with someone knowing nothing is being logged out there. I can control the traffic or visitors if needed. All logged in users can delete unwanted content or have private conversations with another user. Because I run the site, I know what happens with the logs, nothing. They are deleted regularly and I don’t share them with anyone.

There are so many reasons for having my own hosted chat, and often you may find myself or others logged in there. I would like you to enjoy use of this feature and feel as comfortable and secure as I do with it. I have a lot of fun with it and hope you will too. Visit my chat room today.

3 thoughts on “Site Feature - Chat

  1. Willow AdminWillow Admin

    Fired up the old mobile stuff and we are trying to tweak things to get that working. Please check back and let me know how it looks and works.

    1. Willow AdminWillow Admin

      The site has not been optimized for mobile devices or older slower ones either. Most elements on the site will work to some degree on most devices. Your best bet for viewing or using this site is still an updated computer running either a Firefox or Chrome browser. You may find refreshing a page will improve performance. I have noticed that slower loading devices tend to hang or not load properly. Let's hope for near future improvements and in the meantime, sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.

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