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Do you want a web page, site, or a place to post your writings without all the fuss and headaches of administrating? You just want to make your product, service, or event available. Getting a service provider and purchasing a domain, then setting it all up and taking care of updates, crashes, or other problems can be time consuming and leave you feeling pretty much alone. Sometimes, support is just a ticket and a technician is not immediately available. Then even if you do get one on the line, understanding what he is telling you can really make you feel small and out of your zone. I believe our hosting service solution will solve these issues for you at a very reasonable price.

Member Writer Option

For writers who want to publish your short stories, or display previews of your available books or other material, we currently offer two sections for that. One for children stories and another for almost anything else. You don’t have to worry about administration, only post your work and links. There is very little to learn in comparison to setting up and doing everything from start yourself. We are offering this service starting at $5/mo. (See the CHILDREN STORIES and MEMBER AUTHORS sections for more.)

Those Wanting A Full Page Site/Ad

We also offer providing a full page site where you can advertise. This option is much cheaper and easier than setting up a new one from scratch and then dealing with all those administrative things. We will host, update core back-end and make periodic updates for you.

There are some template pages available for you to get some ideas from. Remember, content, colors, and other options are all on the table.

General cost for a page like this would be:

  • Yearly hosting starts at $52 per year, a dollar per week.
  • There will be a one time initial setup fee of $40.
  • Minor updates for content, 1 free per month. (Can purchase more if needed.)
  • Ad page url would be like:
    (replace sample with your title)
    You can link to your ad page using the url above or give
    to others to view it.
  • Author pages will be listed in our Author Pages Directory found here.
  • Member Authors and Children’s Stories Authors will be added to the Author Pages Directory at no additional cost.
  • Link to your author page would look something like:
  • See template author pages here and much more simpler ad page here.

Those Wanting A Full Working Site

Then there is the option to have a full site hosted through us. Like the above mentioned drawbacks of doing all the back-end work and worry yourself, we do that for you and you just work with the basics and content for your site. We can also provide support to help you with those basics until you are proficiently able to fully do this yourself. There are several levels of support and options available and in all, so much easier and cheaper than going it alone. Plans start as low as $120/yr plus a one time setup fee. Rates and fees are negotiable.

If you would like to see examples of Willow hosted sites, you can check out  My Little Corner , Member Authors, or the Children’s Stories sites. These are actual sites, probably not what you had in mind for yours, but theme, content and everything you see can be edited or chosen by you. Your url for such a site could be something like: 

Waiting To Hear From You

 All details and terms of service to make any of these options happen are negotiable. We believe we offer the best service at the lowest prices and try to back our services with fast, reliable support.

Any questions or if you need more information, please contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you and will respond as soon as possible.


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