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From Writer's Digest

5 Things To Check When Editing Your Manuscript by Zachary Petit at Writer’s Digest It is easy to stand so close to a tree that you miss the forest. Having a checklist really helps me to step back from my tree and examine my writings. This article has some good reminders and covers five practical ...More »


Stephen King 6 Writing Tips

Enjoy and learn from this one!
The title says it all for this one. In my book, Stephen King is the best author there is.  Please see the full article here.

Character Profile Worksheet

Character Profile Worksheet Use this worksheet to develop a character profile that is consistent. It is easy to make simple and overlooked mistakes concerning a character’s details. This worksheet will make tracking a character’s profile through your writing a simple process. Several writer tools along with this great worksheet to help develop and track a ...More »

45 Questions to Create Back Stories

Ever wonder how to accurately develop memorable characters? I have found several useful resources related to the development of characters. Plenty of useful stuff and a great resource for any serious writer. Developing Memorable Characters: 45 Questions to help make reliable backstories for characters is essential part of writing. With these questions, this becomes a ...More »