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2015 – My year in review

Whew, we’ve almost made it.  2016 is fast approaching and I, for one, welcome the beginning of a new year and the opportunity for better days.  A lot of great things happened in 2015, don’t get me wrong, but it was also a very rough year for myself and my family as well.

My oldest daughter graduated Continue reading


My Hopes, Dreams, & Other Things

I am so very excited to be announcing the publication of my newest book, ‘My Hopes, Dreams, & Other Things – A Fill-In-The-Blank Keepsake Book’!

Please read more to see links to purchase from Amazon or how to order you own signed copies and what your purchase helps us do for other children.

Thank You from all the children who will benefit from your decision to purchase today, from my family and especially from myself.


I feel torn… Phoenix feels so much like home and I love so many of our neighbors and so many people here… but… but… this county is corrupt. This town is corrupt. And this school district does not like me because of the illegal time out room thing with the BOCES. They finally got their way with my daughter and they are going to make sure as long as we live here that Continue reading


Just as the title suggests, this is probably going to be a rambling update.  I’m feeling a bit on the grumpy side and it will most likely reflect in this post.  But I will do my best to update you on what’s going on with my daughter who is in the psychiatric ward without adding too much other garble into it. Continue reading

Update On Life Here

I’m going to do my best to give everyone an update on life here, in our little corner of the world.Things aren’t bad, though they could always be better. Jenna has been struggling and she is still in the children’s psychiatric center. She’s in the adolescent area because of her age, but not getting along ...More »

Today's Update

Today’s update, as promised late last night in the update titled, “Do You Ever Wonder?” Today’s update will be pretty quick since thankfully today was a fairly decent day for my daughter, considering how her days have been recently. I did get one phone call tonight from the nurse on staff